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The Tower

The #MeToo debate has through the years become an integral part of the public dialogue. We now know that #MeToo violations are happening, and the male violators are being outed and justice is done. Or is it?

What happens, when the dialogue stops with the witch hunt? If we're not able to listen to the violators' side of the story, how can we understand, why they are violating others, and what needs to be done for the spiral of violence to stop?

In THE TOWER we meet the worst of violators, who has committed the worst kind of abuse. We'll become witness to his journey towards acknowledgement of what he has done, and - more importantly - why. We will witness victim and violator in one and same person.

The Tower premiered summer 2021 at Sonnerupgaard Manoy House and toured at Copenhagen culture houses.

Production team

Director & playwright: Sananda Solaris

Composer: Henrik Marstal

Scenographer: Jakob Pihl Fossing & Sananda Solaris

Producer & theater CEO: Mark Ludvig Henriksen

Production manager: Henrik Völcker

Chief of development: Sarah Diallo Bregnhardt

Light design: Sananda Solaris & Henrik Völcker

On stage

Jakob Svarre Juhl


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