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13 Oder for Maria

A story about who and what we are when we see ourselves truthfully

without the beautified self-deceptions of the surfaces.


We follow a woman from the most ruined place of life. In the meeting with Maria, she enters a true and wakeful awakening into a completely different life, with completely different perspectives, seen in a far kinder light. The woman feels the true embrace of love and the whole mere truth about herself. This time it is not seen in the light of the pain or evil that had happened to her, but for the first time only in a deep self-awareness.


Maria leads her into an inner journey where all the questions are asked and nothing can hide.


In the inner journey, the woman understands that even when she was a true victim, she had to acknowledge that she could have been an executioner as well. Nothing but a choice separates these two states of mind. And that choice must be taken every day for eternity.

What the creators are saying

”The odes are about an inner journey. To dare to take a look at your own distressing afflictions. A human being is met by the various aspects of femininity through millennia. During this meeting the most unforgivable mistakes is recognized, and with the help of Maria, it is possible to get through this painful realization and the ability to love is renewed." - Sananda Solaris, librettist/director.


With a true adventurous spirit, the German composer and conductor Heinz Walter Florin explores the traditional perception of theater, opera and church music in the oratorio.


“This music was written for the purpose of opening up the hearts and minds of the audience, and catalyzing an atmosphere for experiencing more dimensions of the human spirit. I want to carry the audience through a catharsis to be able to experience the sweetest joy of pure love.” - Heinz Walter Florin, composer.

Das Opernglas

The biggest opera magazine in the world Das Opernglas compares this oratorio with the well-known mysterious plays from the European churches in the middle age, and state that this is the female version of Parsifal. Quote from the article:


“13 Odes for Maria is offering the solution to the biggest pains of this modern world, being materialism and religious warfare. The solution is a new spirituality where idealism, humanism, cultural exchange and the renaissance of the true female aspects is combined into a higher philosophy. It’s a brave beginning.”

Click HERE to read the article from Das Opernglas

Production team

Librettist & director - Sananda Solaris

Scenographer & production manager - Nikolaj Trap

Composer - Heinz Walter Florin

Casting- & ensemble manager - Lisa Tjalve

Choreographer - Tove Degn

On stage

Conductor - Heinz Walter Florin

Lead (sopran) - Lisa Tjalve

Narrator - Nukâka Coster-Waldau


Chamber trio

Tittit van der Pals (Chello)

Elizabeth C. Gibbs (Obo/Eng. horn)

Miriam Klein Strandberg (Harp)


Sopran/Alt Duo

Regina Fredriksson & Simone Rønn

Vocal ensamble

Regina Fredriksson - 1. Sopran

Nina Sveistrup Clausen - 1. Sopran

Anne Marie Bitsch - 2. Sopran

Linn Lenna - 2. Sopran

Louise Rostved - Mezzo

Simone Rønn - Alt

Shaked Evron - Tenor

Ørjan Hartveit - Bas/Baryton

A special thanks to

Make-up - Lone Frederiksen, Marianne Thers & Inge Beck

Costumes - Susanne Gram Thrane & Connie Væver

Production chief - Peter Røest

Smith at Vestergaard Company A/S - Johnny Clemmesen

PR & fundraising - Mikael Bent Hansen & Camilla Clausen

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