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Artistic director: Sananda Solaris

CEO: Mark Ludvig Henriksen

Chief og development: Sarah Diallo Bregnhardt

Producer and scenographer: Sara Vilslev

Administration: Sonnerupgaard Manor / Landowner Anders Knudsen

Business consultant: Kim Kanstrup

Juridical consultant: Lasse Johan Henriksen

Chartered accountant: Linnea Weinreich / Teakroner Revision

Round Table / Advisory Board

Our Round Table is a business, cultural and municipal cooperation. The goal is to gather different groups around a cultural center that can build a solid audience for the performances. In addition, the goal is also to function as unifying for a wide range of activities, so that meetings will be held across and revitalized in the municipality.


A very happy fact is that these, already involved, business people will work to expand the business network. The goal here is to create synergies between professional groups and jobs and the rest of the population in the immediate area, and cultural events will be the framework for this.


Round Table works for a co-operative and re-producing theater that makes the big difference for everyone in the region and serves as a form of advisory and steering group for a wide range of fractions under the theater structure. In addition, Round Table and other private businessmen support the theater with up 1 million a year

Members of Teater Solaris Round Table / Advisory Board:

Kim Kanstrup - C.E.O Super Brugsen Hvalsø

Stefan Vestergaard - C.E.O Vestergaard Company A/S

Thure Dan Petersen - Cultural chief Lejre kommune

Anders Knudsen - Owner Sonnerupgaard Gods

Thomas Kluge -  Reknown Painter

Suste Bonnén - Reknown artist

Susanne Danig - Producer consulant

Sara Vilslev - Producer and Scenograher

Mark Ludvig Henriksen - CEO

Sananda Solaris - Artistic leader of Teater Solaris

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