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The Cell 

In the piece "The Cell" we meet a PTSD-diagnosed soldier during an evening where he is on his way to veteran engagements. The soldier is drawn deeper and deeper into the series of incidents that led to his repatriation and diagnosis. The performance and subsequent dialogue with the audience will facilitate the necessary process of conversation and reconciliation in Denmark and elsewhere where the relationship between torture victims and acceptance needs to be discussed openly.

June 2017

During the Darkness of Ignorance 

The Greenlandic Inuit Theatre and the Danish Theatre Solaris have teamed up for a co-production of a great musical epos, based on Villads Villadsen’s poem "Qasapis last days". This musical drama is a hunt for the Greenlandic soul. It is a modern musical theater production, a musical expression that mixes Inuit drumming and singing with futuristic sounds. This is a celebration of Inuit. 

March 2016

The Well 

What is reality and what is psychotic? What is the ability to stand against the surfaces of the imprisoned soul? In "The Well" we follow a woman's journey into the deepest darkness, to find direction, or perhaps to be misled. The play is, with a strong visual theatrical expression, a surreal tragic comedy that moves at several levels in an offbeat, leavened and brutal world.

October 2015

13 Odes to Maria 

A newly composed and written oratoric opera that throws light on the Mary-figure in a historical and contemporary perspective. The work involves the old mother goddess trait that has survived in Mary-figure till date. Through its development of a parallel track, today's church music is in a place that needs updating thematically as a composition. With "13 Odes to Maria" we add both genre's thoughts and artistic frames.

November 2014

The Tower

The controversial #MeToo debate has become an integral part of the public conversation over the years. If we can't hear the men's side of the story, how can we understand why they offend and what it takes to stop the abuse?

IN THE TOWER we meet the abuser who has caused the greatest imaginable violence, abuse and pain. We witness his journey to recognize what he has done, and not least, why. We witness pain and sorrow, powerlessness and responsibility, and victimhood and abuse in one and the same person.

We are confronted with our own judge and whether we can pass judgment on our fellow human beings

summer 2021

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