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From the beautiful scenery of the municipality of Lejre, Teater Solaris supplies art of an international level to the whole world. Based on the UN's 17 world targets, Teater Solaris will make theater that highlights what prevents us from reaching the goals of sustainable development globally. The theater dives into the taboos and subconsciousness of our societies and cultures to bring them to the surface.

Behind Teater Solaris is the artistic director, Sananda Solaris, an internationally renowned theater director with wide-ranging international contacts and ambitions.


Teater Solaris hope to create a theater that has a true presence and a vigor that reaches out and touches its audience. A theater where the wild hearts can stretch and reach for the stars. Where the magnitude can flourish and the details get the attention that makes the big difference. Teater Solaris is hoping for miracles for new Danish theater drama, which will be remembered by posterity as driven by a wild hope of changing the world.


For as Teater Solaris says: Good artistic quality knows its past, rides on its present day and points to a future at one and the same time.

We are working hard on the next productions.

If you want to get in touch with us with an idea or collaboration, write to our email.

We are always responsive and open to everyone

“You ripped our hearts out with bare hands, so we bled to death, you carefully restored our hearts, so we healed and became insightful and understanding of the mind and the whole human being. [...] We will never forget this experience”

Gurli Schunck on "The Well". October 2015.

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