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Sonnerupgaard Gods / Sonnerupgaard Manor House

Ever since the very beginning of Teater Solaris their home has been at Sonnerupgaard Manor House in Hvalsø, Lejre Municipality.

Sonnerupgaard Manor House is a konference center and party venue in the heart of Zealand, approx. 45 minutes from Copenhagen. Their surroundings are the epitome of the term "Danish rural idyll" - and their premises are characterized by either being decorated in a modern version of the classic manor house, or decorated to create the sense of true rural rusticity.


Sonnerupgaard Manor House is one of the most unique banqueting locations in the country, offering both spectacular parties and big lectures. Sonnerupgaard facilitates both cozy and intimate settings with a sense of regality and authentic elegance.

Their staff are ready to ensure a good experience for all their guests, and they have often been praised for

their flexibility. 

Visit their website at to read more about the historical place.

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