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The Well

A woman awakens with blood on her hands at the bottom of a well. Here she meets a magical existence, perhaps a divine manifestation that will help her. At least it seems like this, until the price she has to pay to return back to life outside of the well becomes too violent and cruel.

The well confronts us with the questions; What is reality and what is psychotic? What is sick and what is simply the ability to stand against the surfaces of the imprisoned soul?


The well follows a woman's journey into the deepest darkness, perhaps to find direction, or perhaps to be misled. The play is, with a highly visual scenic expression, a surreal tragic comedy that moves on several levels in a crooked, bitter and brutal world.

Production team

Director & playwriter - Sananda Solaris

Scenographer & production manager - Nikolaj Trap

Composer - Henrik Marstal

Light- & sounddesign - Sananda Solaris & Naleraq Eugenius

On stage

Nukâka Coster-Waldau - The woman

Josef W. Nielsen - The existence

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