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During the Darkness of Ignorance

Music-dramatic epic about the Greenlandic soul

The Greenlandic Inuit Theater and the Danish Theater Solaris have collaborated on a co-production in a major musical epic, based on Villads Villadsen's poem "Qasapi's last days".


Villads Villadsen's poem "Qasapi's last days" is about the ending of the Norse period in Greenland. Greenlander Qasapi travels in a cone boat to have revenge on the Norsemen, who flew southwards after killing Greenlanders. On his journey, he has Mikerteq, the only surviving woman from the Norsemens' attack on her village. At Aluk they find the last Norseman named Trolle. He is kneeling and praying for the Christian God. He is being harpooned by Qasapi, who then declares that Greenlanders will now live in peace forever in their country, after which he drowns himself into the sea.

The artistic universe

"During the Darkness of Ignorance" is a modern music theater production, which has a musical expression that blends inuit drums and songs with futuristic sounds.

A specially created track of sounds from calving icebergs and whale singing is the basis of speech and whispering voices, all of which are a very innovative and yet so ancient expression. Very unique and very Greenlandic. The piece is internationally elusive for the present, and yet freely floating over all periods of time.

Production team in Denmark and the reconfiguration in Greenland

Director and choreographer: Sananda Solaris

The play is created in close collaboration with the team

Scenographer: Nikolaj Heiselberg Trap

Author: Villads Villadsen

Composer: Ole Kristiansen

Re-arranged and produced: Nukâka Coster-Waldau, composer of track 1,5 and 8

Lighting designer: Sananda Solaris

Lighting technician: Henrik Volcker

Sound designer: Nukâka Coster-Waldau

Sound technician: Camilla Maria Konstantin Jensen

Music production: Jens Simonsen

Costume tailor: Marianne Thers

Idea & founder of Inuit Theatre: Simon Mooqqu Løvstrøm

Producer & CEO at Solaris Theatre: Josef Wolfugang Nielsen

Co-producer: Nukâka Coster-Waldau

Production assistant: Camilla Maria Konstantin Jensen

Consultant: Susanne Danig

Fundraising: Bendo Schmidt & Solaris Theatre

Graphic designer: Sananda Solaris, Ole Kristiansen & Ujarneq Fleischer

Accommodation and host: Sonnerupgaard Gods i Danmark

Production location in Greenland: Katuaq - Culture House of Greenland

On stage

Nukâka Coster-Waldau - Mikerti

Miké Fencker Thomsen - Qasapi

Ujarneq Fleischer (2016) & Alexander Montgomery (2017) - Inuk & Trolle

Karina Møller - Inuk


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